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Anil Khichar
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GCP Organization Node Setup (free cloud identity)

GCP Organization Node Setup (free cloud identity)
GCP Org Structure

Problem Statement:

An organization node is available for G Suite and Cloud Identity customers. There is a lot of content about GCP org node but still, it’s not clear if a customer can start leveraging Org Node advantage without being a GSuite customer.

It’s mentioned:

You can use a free Cloud Identity account to create an Organization resource. Cloud Identity Free edition includes core identity and endpoint management services. It provides free, managed Google Accounts to users who don’t need G Suite Services, such as Gmail or Google Drive. You can use Cloud Identity accounts with other Google services, such as Google Cloud Platform (GCP), Chrome, Android enterprise, and a large catalog of third-party applications. Upgrade your feature set by signing up for the Cloud Identity Premium edition.

Cloud Identity is Free as well as Paid. GCP customers who don’t want to move to GSuite but want to use Google authentication/identity for GCP login can subscribe to Cloud Identity for free.

But there is no free edition of cloud identity. Am I missing something?

The ideal structure of an organization: Everyone wants to utilize this structure but sometimes customers feel shy to go with the GSuite route.
References: cloud-platform-resource-hierarchy, best-practices-for-enterprise-organizations

Example Google Cloud resource hierarchy


Free cloud identity details:

Option A (If you already have a GCP project and want to connect this project with an org node):

Option B (Setup Org node and then start migrating/connecting existing GCP projects):


  1. Free Cloud Identity Setup:
  2. Verify domain ownership:
  3. Continue with GCP Console
  4. GCP free account setup/Billing setup
  5. Folder management
  6. Organization Policy Overview

I hope this post will help in setting up a strong foundation pillar on GCP.